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Construction Observation and Methodologies That Benefit You.

Let MAK’s 22 years of experience guide your project through the building phase through to completion. We are the only port of call you need and can leave the rest of the communication and project management up to our highly experienced team.

Take advantage of the extensive range of knowledge and experience held by MAK. MAK can act as the engineer to the building contract which allows you to rest assured knowing that everything is being executed correctly the first time, every time. MAK provides open, transparent communication channels, keeping you informed at every phase of the construction process. As your turn-key solution, you only ever have to deal with MAK, letting our well-tested systems and personnel manage all the builders and specialist contractors. Let our decades of experience ensure that the most beneficial construction methodologies are being implemented for your project alongside our project management services that deliver high-quality results on time and on budget, every time.