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Creating Smooth, Stress-Free Projects

With over 22 years of experience, MAK has developed the systems and processes to ensure a smooth project for our clients. You only ever have to liaise with MAK and can leave it up to us to always act in your best interest. 

The planning stage of any project is the defining feature that will dictate its success. It takes experience and industry insight to accurately envisage the path forward. MAK has that experience and works closely with local councils, taking charge in ensuring that all the required consents are applied to keep your project moving along smoothly. This stage involves pre-application meetings, engaging and dealing with consultants and council and applying for LandUse or Subdivision Consents. Based on the site and the site’s limitations, other applications may be required such as Land Owner Approvals, Air Space consent, Tree Removal etc. The team at MAK also carries out AEE planning reports, Shadow Study documents and 3D Views to help the application process. There are many people and processes involved in this stage. As your lead consultant, MAK will keep the process simple and stress-free for you as we ensure that you only ever have to communicate with us. MAK will keep you informed on every stage of progress, involving you in any key decisions that need to be made while we coordinate with local authorities and additional consultants to ensure all the planning, paperwork and consents required to move your project towards completion.