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Make the process simple with our experience and practical construction

When you work with MAK, you can rest assured that everything is in place for a successful project. With over decades of experience and over 1000 successful projects, our team is able to lead the process from preparing building consent documents and construction documents to dealing with all the consultants and local authorities. You’ll only ever have to deal with us as we liaison between you and the local council, always ensuring that decisions are made based on your best interests.

MAK approaches every project with one thing in mind, how can we provide a smooth, stress-free experience for you? There are many “behind-the-scenes’ steps to getting a project off the ground such as applying for all required applications, consents and having all the detailed documentation in order. MAK facilitates a smooth building process, acting as your liaison by leveraging our close relationship with local councils to obtain the correct paperwork and building consents. This allows you to sit back and relax knowing everything is in place as your project heads towards completion. Building consent approvals are not all that is required to complete a project – further construction documents are required to assist the builder. By making sure these are in order, the builder has a clear picture of what is required so they may carry out the build without delays and additional costs to you.

MAK has a reputation for producing documents that are high quality with a particular eye for detail. MAK also prepares and applies for all applications that are required for the completion of the project, including EPA, Works Over, Watercare connections, Watercare works over, vehicle crossing applications, and anything else your project may require.